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We mainly keep in stock 100x100x100mm (chamber size) muffle furnaces; these furnaces are primarily used in the dental industry for sintering zirconia, but have other applications, as well.

These are great, reliable ovens; we have been using these furnaces in our own lab to sinter zirconia for nearly a decade.


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Muffle Sintering Furnaces

The standard furnace package includes one 100x100mm furnace, two rectangular sintering trays, some sintering beads for the trays, two spare MoSi2 heating elements (four elements also included, already installed in furnace) and a hand tool for inserting/removing sintering trays.


Furnaces can reach a high temperature of  1700 C


All come fully Programed with our recommended zirconia-sintering cycle and are also re-programmable.  We can assist with entering in the program(s) for your preferred zirconia.


Our sintering cycle takes about 8 hours to go up to the High Temperature, hold and then cool down.


This small furnace (100x100mm chamber, shown above) can accommodate up to 50 units per cycle; the medium furnace (120x130mm), up to 50-75 units; and the large furnace (150x150mm), up to 100 units.

Small furnaces are kept in stock, but larger furnaces can be special-ordered.  We normally order our furnaces to be black & green, but often receive blue & tan/grey furnaces.


We ship all around the U.S.A. and globe. 

For questions, current pricing on a furnace package, or a shipping quote
please call 804-285-0777
or email

Furnace Manual

100x100mm chamber
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